For whom or what is WC-Guide?

In principle WC-Guide is for everybody. Our main focus are people who rely on public toilets in their everyday life and with the help of WC-Guide might enjoy an excursion untroubled.

Where is the data from ?

They are from various sources. A few cities possess their own official directories, from which we were allowed to take over the data. In addition, Pro Infirmis/Eurokey provides us with their toilet data. The biggest and most important part however comes from you, the users. Thank you very much for your support !

Can I trust the data ?

Our website is accessible for everyone without limitations and this can result in misuse or incorrect data. Wegenerally check all entries, but this does not prevent the occasional „rotten egg“. We do not assume responsibility for any incorrect data. If you do find an incorrectly entered detail on a toilet, please use the „Fault report“-function to correct it.

I work in a local government and I would like to use the WC-Guide as our toilet-map. Is that possible ?

Sure. You can enter your toilets normally and change them by yourself. On our frontpage you find the "Embed map"-function, with which you can embed the WC-Guide-map on your website.

Why is it not possible to report an new Eurokey toilet ?

Pro Infirmis/Eurokey manages a separate directory for Eurokey toilets. The required information for these toilets differs from our requirements, respectively are more detailed than needed for our website and therefore we ask youto report them directly to the Eurokey-website.

Is the map limited to Switzerland ?

In theory the WC-Guide could be used worldwide, but we have decided to concentrate to Switzerland for the moment for quality and maintenance reasons. If we find responsible groups for other countries, nothing prevents the expansion into a larger geographical area.

What exactly is a disabled toilet and where can I receive more detailed information ?

Information on unobstructed construction can be received on e.g. the website of Pro Infirmis. Together with the Swiss Institute for unobstructed construction and Procap they build a "Network of obstructive construction" with 30 regional competence centers für unobstructed construction in Switzerland

Are disabled toilets accessible with electric-wheelchairs ?

It would be nice, if the answer was yes. Sadly „handicapped accessible“ does not automatically imply accessibility with electric-wheelchairs. In important cases please contact thethe local information point (e.g. municipality, etc).

Where do I find further information on Eurokey toilets, respectively where can I apply for such a key ?

Detailed information on Eurokey toilets can be found on the website of the coordinating center Eurokey CH They handle the keys which are strictly limited for use by people with disabilities.. Detailed information can be found on their website.

WC-Guide is a great project and I would like to support you - how can I do that?

You can support the WC-Guide in various ways. First, naturally, by keeping the maps up-to-date with known toilets. Please recommend us to your friends, make a link on your website and become a fan of WC-Guide on Facebook ! Furthermore we have flyers in A6-format, which you could place in public places. Please contact us if you wish to receive such flyers (only Switzerland). Thanks for your help !

Nette Toilette

What is the "Nette Toilette"?

"Nette Toilette" is a free public toilet, provided by dealers or restaurateurs. The toilet can be used without obligation to consume in the appropriate place. The operators obtain an allowance from the local municipality for cleaning and maintenance. Originally from Germany this idea is spreading slowly also in Swiss cities. More information here: (in german)

Who's behind the WC-Guide ?

The WC-Guide is a project of and was developed by Corinne Grond and Adriano Fattizzo in their private time and without financial support. More information on our projects can be found on